TOP 5 Reasons to Hire

Your Home Investment Team!



Honesty: They are straightforward and truthful. Clients are often taken back by the importance placed on being honest instead of earning a commission. Unfortunately, sometimes that means you might not like what they have to say.

 “EXCELLENT!!! Noni and Gayle were outstanding. I mainly worked with Noni. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. She was honest, reliable, reassuring and extremely knowledgeable!!! We NEVER felt like it was about her commission!” ~ Elings, Buyer and Seller


Tenacity: Determined and persistent. They use this skill to their clients advantage, whether getting into a home in a time period that makes the comfortable or getting  a home for a price they can afford.

 “When we thought we’d have to wait an additional 30 days beyond the 45 days we already waited, Gayle called Dee and whatever she said encouraged Dee to close the deal immediately and now we are owners of a beautiful lot in Granite Falls.” ~ VanHorn, Buyer


Committed: Committed to finding the right property for the buyer. Committed to getting a home sold no matter the challenges that arise or how long it takes.

 “Gayle was always positive and upbeat on our weekly calls. And there was a lot of them. I really appreciate all she and Noni did to sell my home.” ~ Adams, Seller


Educated: Hours upon hours have been logged in classes covering buyers representation, residential specialists, negotiating, advertising, short sale process, legal updates etc. If it will benefit their clients, they find the time and money to be there.

 “She (Gayle) never steered us toward something we didn’t want, and never discouraged us from things we did want. Yet her background information and knowledge helped us to make decisions we would have otherwise not have been able to.”  ~ Weaver, Buyer


Experienced: In real estate since 2000, they have worked with residential homes both new and used, condominiums, townhomes, land both raw and developed, manufactured homes, commercial properties, small businesses, 1031 exchanges and short sales.

“There were so many challenges in selling my condo and buying my new home—but Noni and Gayle held their ground, persevered, made it happen and saved me money.” ~ Harnett, Buyer and Seller







What’s in it for you?

Gayle Hood and Noni Jones are a mother and daughter who operate as a team. Our mission is to help our clients “Invest in their Future!” To each client that means something different. Whether you are buying or selling we discover what is most important to you and your family. "What`s in it for me?" is the first question we always ask ourselves. So let us answer that question first. * Money * Time * Security * Piece of Mind. Your Home Investment Team is committed to continuing education. Technology and legislation are fast changing. For this reason, we believe that the minimum requirements set by the state are too low and we EXCEED the annual requirements.