Timeline & Flowchart

How long will it take?

What do you need to do?

Day 1

Day 2-10

  • Make loan application.
  • Get pre-approval letter.
  • Prioritize your wants and needs.
  • Measure large items that you are worried might not fit in new home.
  • Decide on the amount of Earnest Money you will put down. Make available and ready.

Day 11-30

  • Look at a lot of real estate.
  • Select the property that fits your needs as well as your budget.
  • Write an offer.  Don't Wait!!!! You've done you're homework and we've done ours.
After we have presented and negotiated your offer getting the best possible price. The following timeline applies calculated from MUTUAL ACCEPTANCE.

Day 1

  • Set up the inspections with qualified inspectors.
  • Inspections are paid for by the buyer. Inspections must be done according to the contract. Usually within 10 days.

Day 3-10

  • Meet inspector a property.
  • Review report with inspector and agent.
  • Agent may or may not need to renegotiate your contract based on the inspector's report.
Day 7-14
  • Make sure loan application is in place.
  • Receive Preliminary Title in the mail.
  • Review... Ask Questions!! Approve.
  • Order utilities.

3- 7 Days until Closing

  • Receive Good Faith Estimate and/or HUD1 from lender.
  • Get money order or arrange wire transfer.
  • Sign closing papers with Escrow.

If everything goes according to plan... closing will occur on the expected date. When you sign does not effect the scheduled closing date.  Possession is set in the contract. Standard is the day of closing at 9:00pm. We will arrange for you to receive your keys. Then it's time to MOVE IN!!!